I am voting McCain – Here are 8 reasons why

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The ’08 elections are nearly a week away. Most of you know exactly who you’re voting for and why… sort of. But many of you have little interest in politics and others of you simply aren’t sure what to do. It is for you that I present my stance in this election and why my vote will go to John McCain.

I doubt John McCain would be a memorable president. I presume his name would go down in history as the president who saw us through the end of major operations in Iraq, kept us steady through an economic recession, and upheld traditional American values – but no mountain or currency will bear his likeness.

So it is not because I am so impressed with McCain that I’m voting for him, but rather, because of the danger I see in electing the opposition to sit at the helm of the Resolute Desk. Here are my 8 main reservations, in no particular order:


Issue #1: Lack of Experience, Abundance of Ambition

Obama won his Illinois Senate seat by finding legal loopholes (he was a lawyer) and bumping off other candidates, thereby running unopposed and securing the win. He played the political system well – voting “present” on controversial issues, and making close friends with powerful people who would help him get the good attention he needed. After only 3 years he ran for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, but failed. 3 years later he tried for the U.S. Senate and succeeded, largely due to his popular 2004 DNC keynote address. During his first 2 years in the U.S. Senate he earned a reputation of having the most liberal voting record. He also wrote and published a book – “The Audacity of Hope” – spelling out his ideas and positions which would undoubtedly generate the grassroots support he needed for a presidential run. Shortly after the success of the book he announced his candidacy for president. Obama has served less than one full term in the U.S. Senate, and has absolutely no military or executive experience, – two things that are embodied in the job of the president – and he is seeking our highest office. The persistence of his ambition combined with his lack of experience unnerves me. Here are two videos showing just how little Obama has actually done to deserve even a chance at presidency:


Issue #2: Abortion

Planned parenthood rated Obama at 100% because of his strong support for the pro-abortion cause. As a believer that life begins in the womb and that these children have just as much a right to life as anyone, I find it difficult to support such a candidate. Obama believes teenagers should not have to inform their parents before getting an abortion, and he believes partial-birth abortions are acceptable – a procedure that is so inhumane and disgraceful I can hardly read through it without feeling sick. I implore you to read about the steps of this procedure if you are on the fence on this issue. 

Here is a short video clip of Obama revealing his thoughts on Abortion:


Issue #3: Bigger Government / Socialism

He and his running mate can deny it all they want, Obama’s ideas on what needs to “CHANGE” in Washington are socialist. Socialism is the idea that social classes are bad and unfair, and that income levels should be evened out among all people and government should control industries and the distribution of goods. Essentially, it means a large and invasive government that eliminates liberty for the sake of “fairness.” The U.S.S.R was socialist until 1991 – you can go read about how that worked out for them. Socialism is one step away from Communism, and I doubt that many people want that in America, yet in order to get “a bigger piece of the pie” they want to elect this man. Thomas Jefferson said “A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take everything you have.” Capitalism is an important factor in America’s strength and leadership in the world. Take it away, and we will definitely see what kind of “change” he’s referring to.


Issue #4: Supreme Court Appointments

The Supreme Court is designed to be the “final say” in what is constitutional or unconstitutional in America. It is made up of 9 people, who are appointed by presidents, approved by congress, and serve until retirement with no term limitations. This way they don’t have to pander to anyone to win elections. But the bad side of this is that if someone who is ideologically-driven gets in, it can have an effect on our society for 20 or more years – and it has! The outlawing of prayer in schools while allowing millions of children to be aborted are examples of what liberal ideology from the bench has done in our country over the last 30 or so years. Over the next 4-8 years there will definitely be 1 appointment, but most experts say 2 or 3. The next president will choose them – and in doing so will have a profound impact on our future. In the coming years the court will hear a number of important cases which will determine our nation’s direction for the majority of our lives. It’s very difficult to overturn a bad ruling. While the Republicans are set on appointing people that have a history of objective rulings and a long record of commitment to the constitution, the Democrats – especially Obama – are far more extreme in their agenda of pushing through radical legislation and furthering the progressive movement to fundamentally change our nation.

You might say, “wouldn’t congress stop him from appointing a person who is unqualified or biased?” But this brings me to my next, and perhaps most important issue…


Issue #5: A Democrat Super-Majority. Elimination of Checks & Balances.

Our system was designed to prevent any person or group from having too much power. Our 3 main branches of government are split up so that they cannot function without the support of the other. However, the system fails when one group with a united agenda have enough of a majority to possess enough power to pass any legislation they see fit. At this point we already have a democrat-controlled congress, but if Obama were to be elected this November and Republicans fail to gain seats in congress the U.S. will see its first Super-Majority in 30 years. The last time was during Jimmy Carter’s administration, when the “Community Reinvestment Act” was passed, which began the roots of the current financial crisis. Supermajority = No Checks and Balances = Bad laws being passed without resistance. 


Issue #6: Taxes

Obama promises to cut taxes for 95% of American workers – which I find hard to believe if nearly 40% don’t pay into the system. Sure we all pay social security and whatnot, but not income taxes, after all the deductions. Some people even get credits and walk away with extra cash just for not making enough money. That’s cash that’s coming from people who did. Obama’s anti-capitalist tax policies target successful people and discourage hard work and innovation. It’s a simple steal-from-the-rich-give-to-the-poor plan, except he’s also giving to the relatively comfortable and those who just can’t manage their finances and say no to the plasma tv. America’s wealthy fund medical research, libraries, schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, and various community ministries. Why do we want to siphon off their money into the bureaucracy of the government, to be spent by politicians and lobbyists? Obama’s playing a game of class warfare by stirring resentment against the wealthy, when they are the one’s paying most of our taxes and funding our charities. Our country is about having the opportunity to make a life for yourself, not take someone else’s.


Issue #7: Weakened Defense

I believe in a strong defense. No one wants war, but it’s a reality we have to face, and I don’t want to jeopardize our safety for the sake of playing nice. Obama doesn’t share my feelings. Just watch the video:


Issue #8: Associations

If there had only been one I wouldn’t be so concerned. Everyone knows someone they have obvious disagreements with. I have friends that have done bad things. But how can you choose to become a member of a church, have the pastor marry you and baptize your children, call him your friend and mentor, then suddenly disown him after 20 years because the media got their hands on recordings of his blatant hatred for America and white people. Then William Ayers, the guy who bombed the pentagon in the 60’s, then in 2001 said he “wished he had done more” and continues to be an avid leader of the radical liberal movement. Obama says he was “just a guy in the neighborhood” when it has been well-documented that they worked very closely together and that Barack did, in fact, launch his Illinois Senate campaign in Ayers’ living room. Then the close ties with ACORN, who is under a severe Federal Investigation over its rampant voter registration fraud. There is corruption and deception left and right with this guy. This is one of those gut feeling things where you just know you’re being lied to by a guy who is very good with words, and knows what people want, and what he wants, and how to get it.

Another video in case you’re unfamiliar with these relationships.



I have a few small concerns about John McCain as well, but they are nothing in comparison to what I have detailed here – in neither abundance nor importance. McCain has a proven history of serving our nation and working with both Democrats and Republicans in getting things done. He’s not the party’s poster-boy, which is why many Republicans are less enthusiastic, but perhaps his moderateness is what America needs in this divisive time. Though Obama talks a lot about working together and not playing party politics, he plays the game better than anyone. He is the champion of the liberal democrat cause and has a record of far-left policies that contradict traditional American values. I do certainly believe that if he should win the presidency we will see several positive things come of it, but also a number of severe changes that I believe will weaken our standing in the world and make the nation a less prosperous and less safe place to live for my children.

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  1. God is Dog Backwards says

    You are a fcking god bothering right wing nut job. why don’t you move to some religous facsist state like, say, Iraq. They welcome religous fascists like you. There is no such thing as god and sooner rather than later, swearing on the jewish book of fairytales will not be a pre-requisite to getting sworn into office. Here’s to seeing Christain evangelicals hiding themselves in caves, forever.

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