Congrats, Obama

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Change is in the air. The people have spoken. As I predicted back in 2006, Barack Obama will be the 44th president of the United States – and the first African American president – setting aside the fact that he is actually half African, has no ancestral ties to American slavery, and was raised by his white mother and grandparents. The point is, he’s the first non-white male to ever reach that office. I am not being fecitious when I say that it’s truly a great moment in American history, especially considering that our schools were segregated only 40 years ago. The tide is finally turning on a tainted past, and my personal hope is that this will both subdue some of the attitudes toward racism by both blacks and whites, and will also encourage many black youth to reach for higher goals. Bill Cosby has been often ridiculed for telling blacks “Hey, if you want to get somewhere, stop complaining and expecting help and just be an honest and hard-working person”. But I think many people will begin to embrace this message as they watch a black president take the oath of the highest office in the land.

But lest I sound too excited about the new president, I must remind you that I stick to my former opinions. Obama is guided by a fundamentally different point of view from that of our founders and the essential ideals of our past that have not only made us a strong and valuable nation, but have preserved America as a beacon of liberty in the world. Obama is the embodyment of Big Government, which is conversely proportional to liberty. More government = less liberty, it’s that simple.

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  1. Do you have a specific meaning to “Big Government”? You have the term capitalized and I am unsure as to whether that is in reference to an established pronoun or is something that you simply mean to emphasize.

  2. Wesley says

    The term “Big Government” is used often in political circles to refer to policies that increase the size, powers, and general cost of the federal government. People like myself believe the federal government (as opposed to state governments) should largely stay OUT of our individual business, with a few reasonable exceptions. FDR started the “New Deal” programs that massively expanded government, then Lyndon Johnson, of whom I am a relative, expanded it even further with an idea he called “The Great Society”. I can’t wait to see what Obama has for us.

  3. Just by saying you’re going to vote for Sarah Palin ehetir 1. Proves you never voted for him in the first place. Or, 2. Even worst, you’ve been unemployed so long that you’ve allowed the right-wing news-media brainwash you into voting against your own interest. If you’re unemployed now you want to live in a Republican dominated society get use to the propensity of facing homelessness and precariousness. Guess who voted against the anti-outsourcing bill? The Jobs Act? etc. Haha IDIOT

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