The Socialist Solution?

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There was an article in the Wall Street Journal opinion web page today that blasted “Thatcherism and Reagansim” as being the cause of the current crisis, and used it to propose a massive global turn to Socialism as the solution to world poverty. My brief response is below:


 Though your intentions to help world stability, prosperity and unity are commendable, the Socialist “solution” is an unworthy alternative that, at its foundation, strips humanity of the rights we have spent several hundred years fighting for. What you are fighting is not Thatcherism or Reaganism, it is the Magna Carta, the English & American Bills of Rights, The United States constitution, and any other document that has provided for the liberty of mankind.

And do not forget that Capitalism has been responsible for the dramatic increase in prosperity and quality of life throughout the entire world. The U.S. sends billions of dollars in aid to third world nations every year – which would not have been possible if we had adopted Socialism when others in the world did. What did Communist China or Socialist Russia ever contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world?

Socialism is an ideal that is beautiful on the surface, but decays the soul of a people once put into practice.

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