John Adams

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johnadams_hboYou don’t have to be a history lover to fall in love with the John Adams miniseries that HBO released last year – although it definitely adds to the excitement. The series was produced by Tom Hanks and based off the book by David McCullough.

I just finished the last of 7 parts, which was quite surely the most emotional and compelling. Though my humble blog reaches a modest number of viewers, I wanted to use this opportunity to encourage anyone reading this to go out and rent – or buy – this miniseries. 

Understanding the story of the birth of our country, the people involved and why they fought is essential in understanding what the United States are about. This series provides not only an accurate historical account of the colonial and post-revolutionary period, it also reveals the personal struggles and relationships of the man himself during the entire latter half of his life, from his time as a lawyer in Boston, to the Continental Congress, to American Ambassador, to Vice President, President, and father of a President – but all the while a husband to a strong and faithful wife.

As far as accuracy goes, there are a few small errors and adjustments, as with all films, but for such a long and detailed series I thought they did remarkably well, and I am surprised there were only a few. I would suggest looking up the particular inaccuracies after you are done. 

I could go on and on, but really you should just go out and get it. Now.

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