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Face-value in image, face-value in policy. Everything about the Democrat party is sugar-coated and appealing, but falls apart under deeper scrutiny. Take the Cap-and-Trade plan, which is supposed to gradually reduce CO2 emissions and reward companies who do so quickly and efficiently. Sound’s nice, right? But the way it works is by the government mandating that these companies purchase emissions permits. The more they emit, the more permits they have to buy. Who exactly ends up paying for that?

Let’s clarify something. When GOVERNMENT forces COMPANIES to PAY something – regardless of the intended effects – the companies pass on that cost to consumers! That’s not rocket science.

In my last post I pointed out how most of Obama’s proposed ideas for helping more Americans get health insurance are a complicated way of saying “make the rich pay for it!” In fact, that’s quite the pattern with his policies. Take a look at just about any “solution” of his and it ultimately equates to higher taxes on productive individuals and businesses to bail out the unproductive individuals and businesses. (and now whole states apparently)

But in all fairness, taxes are being raised on all classes. Sure, they promised to “lower taxes on 95% of Americans” – which is complete bull since the bottom half of income earners don’t pay Federal Income taxes. So that must mean they’re going to give you back your State and local taxes and sales taxes, right out of the general treasury!

Despite this colorful illusion, you will see your taxes rise regardless of your income bracket. Smokers, a group that is predominantly low-income, are already being hit harder through higher cigarette taxes. The Cap-and-Trade program will raise everyone’s energy cost. The recently announced higher fuel standards will raise the cost of every car, along with completely altering the automobile market so that you’re unlikely to get the car you want in the first place  – unless you happen to be in the market for a two-seater with enough cargo space for one grocery sack.  Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but the point stands. They don’t like that you drive a big truck, and since they can’t quite make it illegal – yet – they’ll just make it really difficult for you to get one.  And now they’re considering taxes on sodas and fatty foods. Pretty soon you’ll be paying the government half of what you make, without even realizing it, because taxes are hidden behind every door. And it’s all based on the idea that government officials know better, and have the right to control how you live your life. It’s a spit in the face of liberty! But where is the outrage from the mainstream media or the independent voters?

It seems that Democrats have taken this face-value idea from the success of their image and rhetoric based campaigns, which have served them well. Hire a top-notch design team, fill your speech with emotional stories and come up with a campaign slogan that can mean anything to anybody and *poof* you’ve got yourself a winning candidate!

The fact that this party has taken majority in both legislative houses, the executive branch, and very soon will add at least one liberal judge to the supreme court, causes me to wonder if the popularity of face-value politics is reflective of America’s face-value personality. We, as a society, have become so diluted in our values, so compromised in our principles, and so distracted in our priorities that we no longer care to take the time and spend the effort necessary to actually listen to what is being said and fully consider the implications.

I’ve read numerous studies showing that most of my peers get their news from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Colbert Report.  Political satire is fun, but it’s not news. Especially when it’s ideologically one-sided and full of cheap shots and half-truths. Even our flashy 24-hour news networks hardly carry true unfiltered objective news anymore. Regular news can’t cut it in the competitive world of big screen High-Def television with hundreds of channels and TiVo. News has to be sensational, shocking and very opinionated. If you really want to know what’s going on in Washington try CSPAN.

I can practically hear the laughter from the other side of the monitor.

In the days before radio and television it was not unusual to listen to a 1-2 hour speech. As time has moved on typical political speeches have shortened to just a few minutes. We are willing to spend hours on something that evokes emotion, like movies or music. But when it comes to something that requires thought we shy away from it. We get bored.

A study by the National Endowment for the Arts showed that people from all age groups, but especially young people, read less than ever before. If video killed the radio star, I’m beginning to wonder if televisions and computers are killing the inventors, engineers, teachers and historians of tomorrow by dulling the mind and shortening the attention spans of children at a growing pace.

I often feel the time I spend writing these blogs is a waste. Conservatives are fighting a battle of words and principles, while Liberals are fighting with image and emotion. They have become experts at marketing their product, and where that fails they use the court system and their close ties in Hollywood to make laws and shift public perceptions. I don’t blame them – I believe in fighting for what you believe in and using every resource – but it’s difficult to have open discourse when one side practically monopolizes the entertainment industry and all levels of education.

With that said, you may feel that there are very good reasons to support the Democratic party and its ideas at this time, and if so I would love to hear from you. I am always looking for people to discuss these things with, but in all honesty it’s difficult to find people on the other side who really know what they believe and why.

From a frustrated conservative to a candid world.

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