Right-Brain Adventures, Week 1

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I noticed that since I added “design” to the list of topics to be discussed on this blog, I’ve posted very little in that regard. To ensure that a steady flow of artistically inspiring content is available here, I am beginning a new feature which I am calling “Right-Brain Adventures” to be updated weekly… or at least as close to weekly as I can get. The name serves as a double entendre referring both to the function of the right hemisphere of the brain as the mind’s creative center, and to the political right-brained stance this blog tends to promote.

These posts will include random images that I find interesting in some way or another. It may be a photograph, a graphic, packaging design, drawing, architecture or any other creative medium, and they are mostly chosen on the basis of creativity, technical skill or humor, but not necessarily all three.

So enjoy the first installment of the series, which begins with a rather appropriate illustration.





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  1. Gem says

    Aw, thank you for featuring my “Whether You Fall” piece! 🙂 :hug:

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