Where are the Conservative Commencement Speakers?

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Fox News released an article today showing that commencement speakers at universities across the nation this year were almost entirely Liberal. In fact, this is nothing new, since Academia has practically banished all conservative thought for the last 30 years. But it’s good to see the numbers from time to time and be reminded of the war that is at hand.

Here’s the article.

It seems, though, that in recent years the push against this trend has been growing from the bottom up. A documentary film Indoctrinate U, released in 2007, sought to expose the ideological power-structure in higher education. If you have conservative beliefs and opinions you can forget about an “A” in the class, forget about getting a job, forget about getting a promotion. The film gained some attention, but nothing like what a generic brand anti-republican documentary gets.

Ben Stein’s movie, “Expelled” hit the educational system for refusing to allow concepts of “intelligent design” into the dialogue of human development. Darwinism is taught as a matter of irrefutable fact and the only possible explanation for humanity’s existence.

Then there’s the group, Students for Academic Freedom, an organization of students who are committed to preserving the intent of universities – not to mold young minds into a particular worldview, but to allow those minds to grow and search on their own.

It is encouraging to see these things coming around, though equally discouraging is the fact that they get so little attention.

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  1. “Darwinism is taught as a matter of irrefutable fact and the only possible explanation for humanity’s existence.”

    It’s called evolution, not Darwinism. The basic facts of evolution are the strongest facts of science because those facts have millions of pieces of evidence from molecular biology, genetics, and other branches of science.

    Ben Stein, like yourself, knows nothing about science.

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