From the House floor: Boehner & Bachmann

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I’ve got 2 great videos for you today.

First, The House Republican leader, John Boehner, addressing the House – Mr. Smith style – about the Cap-and-Trade bill that House Democrats shoved through this week. If you want my opinions on the bill see a blog I posted in May titled Democrats & Face-Value Politics.” Boehner is specifically referring to a 300 pg. amendment that was added just hours before the vote, meaning the House would actually pass a bill without knowing what it says. While the use of a filibuster to halt proceedings is something designed for the Senate – not the House – there are special rules for the majority and minority leaders. When one of the bill’s co-authors, California Democrat Henry Waxman, steps up to shut Boehner down, he is informed that there is no time limit and Boehner has the floor as long as he’d like. 



The second video features a great address by House Representative Michele Bachmann, Republican from Minnesota, speaking on the ever-growing power of the government over private business. I especially love the metaphor she uses in referring to the administration as a “Gangster Government.” People need to see that power is power, and abuse is abuse – just because it’s coming from someone with “legal” authority doesn’t always make it right. There’s very little difference between Gangsters and Governments other than the fact that we consent to the authority of the latter (in democratic nations at least). Both use force to get what they want, and both are willing to make deals and issue threats to advance their own cause. Therefore we should be careful of what we consent to when our government assumes more powers – and silence is the most dangerous form of consent


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