Bills, Bills, Bills

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Seems like Congress is pushing through lots of bills these days. And they’re really, really big.

Now, we don’t want the fact that the bills are really long and complex to delay the lawmaking process. That could leave the door open to deeper analysis and understanding about proposed laws, the devastating effects of which could be public debate and disagreement. Experts warn that laws, when subject to deliberation and opposition, often fail passage, and that we should consider the consequences of not acting quickly. What we need is an efficient government that writes and passes laws hastily and frequently, without the roadblocks of pesky partisan debate.

With the recent uptick in legislative activity, and so much more to be done before congressional elections next november threaten a shift in political power, we can’t afford any speed bumps – and it seems like Democratic House Representative John Conyers has a solution: Don’t read the bills!

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