Rick Warren: “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.”

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Excellent follow-up to my last post on Dr. Hunter Baker’s book, The End of Secularism. Warren is absolutely right. We need not be afraid of talking about religion in education – or any other public venue for that matter – when religious understanding is so key to our culture, tradition and social composition. And it appears that this issue will become ever more important as we move into an increasingly pluralist society.

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  1. monica, this elizabeth waerrn woman is one angry person. Viewing her video from the perspective of a therapeutic counselor it’s easy to see that all her political/social ravings are driven by anger, probably from unmet needs in her past or current life. I’d love to have her in a group counseling setting where members of the group could confront her and find out who put the burr under her saddle. love your show.

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