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{ Stretch…… yawn….. }

It’s time to bring the blog out of hibernation. Back in early November I began submitting applications to several graduate schools, and on trustworthy advice, I tucked away any online evidence that could sway the judgment of admissions committees (just in case). Being late-March, I think we’re in the clear.

As of 3/21 I have received one acceptance letter from Louisiana State University. I am still waiting on Georgetown, Notre Dame, U. of Dallas, and U. of Houston. Updates to come.

I want to take this opportunity to make some improvements to the blog, but I’m not sure what would best serve my visitors. The first rule of communication is knowing your audience, but the anonymity provided by the internet makes that a little difficult. Unless someone comments, I have no idea what they think or why they came here in the first place. So you can help me out a lot by answering this brief survey (check all that apply):

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