Great Videos from PovertyCure and the Koch Foundation

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It will take you 10 minutes, but watching these two videos just might change the way you look at poverty and prosperity among the nations of the world. No previous economic education is required—they’re both clear, simple, and well produced, but what they’re saying is massive.

During most of our history, America led the way in showing the world the value of political and economic freedom, combined with a strong work ethic. The end of the Cold War allowed more nations to begin catching up, but the U.S. began experiencing a leadership guilt complex. We’ve been trying to spend and regulate our way into a greener and more “equal” society, while sending billions of dollars in aid to third-world nations. Our diplomatic leadership has been helpful in bringing political stability to many nations, but as this next video will show, we’ve got to change the way we think about economic aid.

I’m very excited about the PovertyCure initiative. It’s refreshing to see a video about poverty that doesn’t treat the poor as though they are helpless creatures with no capacity for self-fulfillment. They recognize that economic development has to begin at a deeper, personal and grassroots level. People cannot be made prosperous. 

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