On The Hunger Games Trilogy

The first film in the Hunger Games trilogy is hitting theaters at midnight and is already looking like a huge success. If you haven’t read at least the first book I would recommend doing so this weekend.

In honor of the event, ValuesAndCapitalism.com is publishing a series of posts regarding the trilogy’s ending. Yours truly was asked to make a contribution, which you can read here, but you’ll want to read V&C program director Eric Teetsel’s explanation of the blog series first. Note: given that these talk about the last book, here’s a major spoiler alert.

For those of you who have only read the first book (or if you’re reading this after seeing the movie), check out my January post in which I discuss some of the lessons of the Hunger Games.

[Click here for a complete round up of Values & Capitalism’s recent and future HG related posts]

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  1. I know what you mean. I think I wil use the Kitty books for the 5…kitty and the midnight hour…or ahentor series that has a few books in one big book…Like Vampire kisses…it has 3 books in it! they are quick reads and I bet you can get it at the library too! 🙂

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