A voting guide for the undecided

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The opportunity to vote for president should not be taken lightly, as I discussed in my last post. Yet, it’s not always an easy process, particularly if you are young or consider yourself a “moderate.” Every day you encounter new bits of information that change the way you think about things, and it seems that both sides are right and wrong. To help clear up the fog of campaign season, here are a few tips about what to focus on.

What DOESN’T matter:*

“Plans” don’t matter. Presidents have sweeping authority in the Executive Branch (the various bureaucratic agencies and departments that regulate our lives and navigate foreign affairs), but when it comes to actual legislation, they can do very little without support. With a Republican House and a Democratic Senate, the next president will be very limited in what they can pull off without being a tried and true consensus-builder. In the unlikely event that Republicans take the Senate, Romney’s agenda will become somewhat relevant, but even then only portions of it.

Rhetoric doesn’t matter. Presidential candidates have writers, advisors and consultants to help them shape a message that resonates with their target audiences. Being able to deliver a more impassioned, humorous and articulate stump speech has nothing to do with what a person can or will do in office.

“Facts” don’t matter. Politicians and their surrogates say a lot of misleading things during the campaign. For most part, I don’t blame them—I blame the nature of democracy and the various ways in which data can be interpreted. Even economists and political scientists have a hard time keeping up. Far worse for the average American. Trying to wrap your head around the facts and basing your vote on who seems to be more honest may not help. Just assume that much of what is said is true in one sense and wrong in a different sense.

What DOES matter:

Record matters. The best way to cut through the malarkey is to look not at what a person says, but what they do. Is their record one defined by success or disappointment? Do they work well with others, or cast blame? Do they unite or divide? This is where the aforementioned “facts” can be helpful, as candidates will tend to gloss over their failures.

Your worldview matters. How we separate fact from fiction, and what we do with that information, largely depends on how we see the world. What is a person? What is their worth and purpose? On what motives do people operate? Are there such things as “rights” and what do they require? How can we best confront evil in the world? What makes a strong society? These are all questions that we should explore to help us understand whether we should support one political party or another.

Appointments matter. The president personally makes around 3,000 appointments to various positions in his vast kingdom. The most important are cabinet heads—Secretaries of Defense, State, Education and so on, who determine what regulations to push and how. These get changed out every few years, but one unique appointment lasts for decades: Supreme Court justices. They have to be approved by the Senate as well, but a rejection is rare. As it stands, the Court is quite balanced. If a justice retires in the next four years—which is likely— the sitting president may tip the balance (unless the retiring justice and president have similar leanings).

If, after much consideration, you still can’t come to a comfortable decision, always remember: it’s okay not to vote.


*Of course they matter, you just shouldn’t base a decision on them.

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    • Do you have the wool crib bed cover in US sizes? You could do a giveaway for one of those. a0If not, then ainyhtng you like to giveaway would be awesome!I agree with NO VOTING contest since some people have leagues where they are guaranteed 100s of votes. Not fair to the rest of us who don’t have those advantages.

  2. in the chart above is true. McCain is a excellent caddinate despite the problem with the war and the fact that he is against gay marriage etc.The problem is just like a car or a style of clothing, everything looks good on paper but you have to see it for what it really is to understand it.Here is the SHORT Answer as far as what who’s policies will do to the USA.McCain: You thought the almost 13 trillion dollar debt was bad then you aint seen nothing yet. Its nice that we get more money in our pockets and yes it might help stimulate the economy but common now how many of you used your stimulus checks to pay a credit card off? lol.ON the plus side a lot of his policies will benefit the individual when it comes to purchasing a home and such.If you are old and want things to be good for you NOW then McCain is the guy to go with.Obama: Ok so heres the deal. Obama is a PIA. Taxes will go up. Us poor people will get taxes worse the rich will get taxes worst for a while now we are all going to get screwed on taxes. Obama wants us to pay in for some sort of health care well 3 world health care seems to be better than ours go watch sicko or go on Wikipedia and read about the free health care in south America and central america.But in the long term yeah lets see the benefits Lower national debt. FREE healthcare (regardless of what its going to be) and in the end it will help stimulate our economy and make things easier i the future. Oh yeah and not to mention we want be in Iraq anymore. Hey I understand we are there i am ok with that but its been too long they dont even want us to be there anymore.So choose who you think fits you best some of are in the NOW some of us look to the future with a positive light.Also Obama is 47 and McCain is 72 Do you think you could handle a country in your late 70s? Like i said the question is are you in the NOW or looking to the future?

  3. Why does everyone like this guy? Pleae i need to know? I am the most least poiacitll person in the world but even I know a bullshitter when i see one. Change? There has been no change! I listen to talk radio. Jesus this world is going down the tubes quicker than people even f’e’n realize. George Bush may have lacked alot but at least he was sincere and he didn’t knock his own goddamn country. Open your goddamn eyes. People you are being taking for a ri e and if you don’t get it now ur fucked.

  4. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Opera.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
    The style and design look great though! Hope you get the problem fixed soon.
    Many thanks

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