Advertainment: How brands are using stories to engage audiences

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a fun and memorable Christmas song. But, it’s easy to forget that the story was created by Montgomery Ward department stores.

The idea of using stories to draw customers is not new. Stories have a way of engendering affection, and affection is a coveted asset. But if you’ve paid attention in recent years, you’ve surely noticed a revival in this approach to advertising, from Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches to Apple’s “Misunderstood” Holiday spot (or, because I’m a new dad, this perfectly executed tear-jerker from Coca Cola). Labeled “sadvertising,” commercials like these were effective at grabbing attention, spurring conversation, and ultimately creating loyal followers.

But why now? What is it about this particular moment that has spurred interest in storytelling?

To read more, including videos from Nike, Kate Spade, and REI, hop over to the Polymath agency blog.

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