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“He’s Barack Obama”: JibJab’s Most Impressive Work Yet

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You can’t quite tell if they’re praising him or mocking him – though they’re definitely playing off of his persona as The One, which is something that is played up on conservative media than that of the left. In general, I think JibJab does a great job of trying to avoid partisan statements and tries to stay in the comfortable middle. I other words, they’re trying to get a laugh, not a vote. No matter […]

Obama Healthcare Plan in a Nutshell…

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A forward from Michael Ramirez, who recently won a Reuben Award from his peers for his excellence in editorial cartooning, puts Barack Obama’s health-care plans in their most appropriate setting in today’s IBD Editorials: That’s more than just a laugh.  People who pursue equality in outcomes rather than equality in opportunity inevitably become nihilistic.  They want to destroy wealth because not everyone is wealthy, and they justify that by confiscatory government practices in the name of fairness.  Everyone […]

Designer’s Job Description

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Ever wondered what it’s like to be a graphic designer? It always seemed odd to me that people who are aware of their lack of creative taste, and thus pay someone else to design things, insist on the designer following their precise directions. Art will always be subjective and we all have opinions, but there are times when the customer is not always right. Good design is a mix of natural talent, technical know-how and […]